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Default Robby's supper tonight

On Mar 16, 10:47*am, "Amy Thorne" wrote:
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On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 14:27:35 GMT, "Amy Thorne"

"rob" wrote in message
On Mar 15, 11:05 am, "Amy Thorne" wrote:
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5 pepperoni hot pockets twisted stix
1 tina's beef and bean burrito
1 pear cup

total calories = 1140

is that normal for you?

sure is.

I'll have to take you out sometime and show you what a proper meal is.

Are you a real female asking rob out on a dinner date ?
You know rob is scared to death of women in real life don't you ?

It was more of a suggestion really.
Why is he scared of women? *I can't imagine anyone being scared of me.- Hide quoted text -

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i'm not. dont listen to incubus. he's mad cause he said i welched on
some bet we never shook on.