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Default Removing non-stick coating to salvage a pan?

"HeyBub" > wrote in message
> jt august wrote:
>> In article >,
>> "HeyBub" > wrote:
>>> Don't wash wooden salad bowls either.

>> How, then, does one get salad dressing and other residues off salad
>> bowls? Put them in the fireplace and season them? Just kidding,
>> sorry, I couldn't resist. But I am honestly curious how to clean
>> wooden salad bowls.

> You don't get the dressings out. Just wipe the bowls. The oils and spices
> from prior uses flavor subsequent salads with a unique palette of flavors
> and aromas.
> If you're not into adventures in sublime delights for the nuanced nose,
> use styrofoam.

As usual, you are a complete idiot.