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Default Removing non-stick coating to salvage a pan?

"HeyBub" > wrote in message
> Bob F wrote:
>>> How are you "cleaning" it? Wiping it out with a paper towel should be
>>> sufficient. Do not ever subject an iron utensil (or maybe your
>>> skillet) to water.

>> Water is not the problem, as long as you dry it after rinsing. I set
>> it on the still hot burner after rinsing. I never use soap on my cast
>> iron. I put a little hot water in it, scrub with a brush, rinse and
>> dry it on the burner. Then I rub it with a little oil or butter
>> before the next use. Soap will quickly remove the seasoning.

> Okay, I'll play. WHY are you washing the thing in the first place?

Are you asking about washing, or cleaning?