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Default "jones" can't make up its mind (such a tiny thing; shouldn'tbe hard to make up)

Jones wrote:
"Derek" wrote in message
On Sat, 23 Feb 2008 12:11:16 -0800, Rudy Canoza wrote:

I said of "vegans" that after they're pushed off their
false claim to be "minimizing" harm to animals, they
fall back to a weaker claim of "doing the best I can."
To that, "jones" said:

That's exactly what we all do --- the best we can.

Then I elaborated on exactly why "vegan" aren't doing
the best they can at reducing animal harm caused by the
things they consume, and to that "jones" replied:

None of us are. We could all do more.

Pretty funny! This guy clearly isn't trying to be
serious; just another usenet jerk-off.

Now, ask yourself, would I make a mistake like that?

I don't think it's a mistake. We all say we're doing the best we can but in reality
none of us actually are.

You said, "That's exactly what we all do --- the best
we can." You didn't write, "That's what we all say we
do"; you said that's what we all do.

You're explicitly saying that "vegans" who say they're
doing the best they can really are. I've shown you
that they're not. Those "vegans" who have been pushed
first off the "no harm to animals" claim, and then off
the false "minimizing" claim, usually land at the
"doing the best I can" position, and I have shown that
they're not.