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Default Indian cooking

Hi, I have tried many recipes on the internet and NONE of them taste
like what I get in the indian restaurants. I don't particularly care
about using a ton of butter or oil. I just care that it tastes good. I
know that restaurants cook the vegies and curry sauce seperate. Almost
all the recipes on the internet don't call for this. I live in a place
where I can't get any good indian vegetarian food and its driving me
crazy! I LOVE indian food. Where I used to live there was a completely
vegetarian indian restaurant that was sensational. They had all kinds
of south indian cusine like masala dosa and the north indian regulars.
I've bought books, I've tried Youtube....none of them has worked. I've
even had indian food in a non indian vegetarian restaraunt and it
tasted nothing like the indian food at an indian restaurant. Obviously
someone is keeping some secrets. I'd like to find them out!!!

Anyway, I'd like to start by learning to cook
1)aloo gobi
2)aloo matar

I want it to taste just like the restaurants. Anyone know how its
REALLY cooked in the restaurants?

Thanks a lot!