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Default Whole Foods Worker Sacked For Stopping Shoplifter...

Michael "Dog3" wrote:
> George > dropped this
> : in
>> Unfortunately the first thing you have to consider in operating a
>> business is not doing something that may allow John Edwards or one of
>> his friends to transfer huge wealth to themselves.
>> You can be assured that "Mr Thief" if identified will get dozens of
>> calls with offers to "help him" obtain large monetary compensation for
>> the terrible ordeal of someone trying to stop him.

> And exactly what point are you trying to make? If it's political you're
> doing a **** poor job of it.
> Michael

Not political. Edwards happens to come to mind as a lawyer who moved
large amounts of wealth (28,000 sf house etc) to himself by "helping"

There is one in another town but you likely wouldn't recognize his name
(he has a 16,000 sf house with a 12 car drive through garage) but his
picture is on many buses, billboards and phone directories telling us he
is ready to "help"...

My point is that avoiding legal issues is a major part of any commercial
enterprise. I have been involved in some product liability suits as a
company representative and it is totaling amazing what litigation some
lawyers will bring.

Sometimes I visit a friend whose office is in the same building as a law
firm and one of the partners constantly tells me I should tell him about
things I see because they were almost the principle firm on a class
action and had the case stolen by another firm and can't wait to put
themselves on the map with a big suit.