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David Wright
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Default Christmas breakfast...

On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 04:16:07 GMT, Rich McCormack

Bistoury wrote:

Excuse me for asking but have you ever read what is in he chorizo.

No...I haven't read the ingredient label on a storebought package
of chorizo for many years. We make our own from fresh ground meat,
chiles and spices.

As do we. In fact, we haven't had *any* storebought sausage for a long
time. Maybe Bistoury could try making his/her own and taste the

... Did you really mean to say you had beers for breakfast...

Yes...we have beer with breakfast. :-)

My Christmas wish for your Christmas breakfast is that you were able
to find some Noche Buena. I've been shut out the last three years.

Our tradition is posole and tamales for Christmas Eve. Tamales are
made and ready to be reheated, and I can smell the posole on the

Feliz Navidad to all afm-c regulars!