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Default Picky Dinner Guests

jmcquown wrote:

> He's in his 30's and he can't bring something himself?!

He lives at home with his parents and spends all his money and time on
computer games. There is not much more to say. He especially dislikes
anything red.

> That's a shame!
> This woman is at least 60. She'll probably bring some Wonder Bread rolls
> and have that and some turkey. It's not up to us to cater to anyone, be
> they adults or children.

I agree. I think the worst situation I ever ran into was a great niece who
showed up at Boxing Day family Christmas gathering. I didn't know she was
around. I didn't know that she was a vegan. Her father had planned to bring
some vegan food with him but he forgot it at home. Plus they showed up at
the last minute, so my wife was running around trying to find something
that she could eat and she had to read all the ingredients. A year and a
half later she was sitting across from me in a restaurant with a breakfast
buffet and I was naturally curious about what she had found to eat at the
buffet tables....... bacon, ham, roast beef.....

And that is one of the major reasons I refuse to cater to fad diets.

> As I said in my original post, I have no problem trying to accomodate food
> allergies or health conditions. But just plain being picky? Nope. Deal
> with your food issues yourself; don't expect me to do it for you.

There is picky and their is pure childishness. There is no way I am going
to dumb down a dinner for a picky person. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner
around here is roast turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, squash,
beans, corn, salad, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and/or apple pie,
fruit and cheese plate. If someone can't find something to eat out of all
that they should plan on stopping at McDonalds on the way there or the way