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Default Picky Dinner Guests

> On Nov 22, 12:22 am, "jmcquown" > wrote:
>> The only cheese she will eat is cheddar but ONLY mild cheddar.
>> Gee, sorry, I bought sharp cheddar, pepper-jack and colby. That's
>> too bad...

> A little passive aggressive, wouldn't you say, Jill? Would it have
> killed you to buy just one thing this woman will eat?

How can I possibly know what she will eat? I did my shopping based on what
my brothers and I like. I'm not catering to this woman; there's no reason
anyone should. She can bring her own damn food if she's going to be so
picky about everything.

> Picky or not, it's quite obvious you have no respect for your brother
> or his companion.

You've got that right. Given the choice this brother and his companion
wouldn't be there at all. I'll send them over to your place and let you
deal with them!