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Default Picky Dinner Guests

Nancy Young wrote:
> "ravenlynne" > wrote
>> Nancy Young wrote:
>>> This woman must have gotten a LOT of mileage with her list of
>>> won't-eats. Mememememe! must be her favorite song. So don't
>>> eat, lady, see who cares. I know that sounds mean, but really, if
>>> I had all these issues I would have figured out to find or bring
>>> something I would eat and not make a big deal about it.
>>> I think most people would.

>> Seriously! I don't go to people's house and point out what I don't
>> eat. I just shut my trap and eat what I do eat. What I hate is when
>> people ASK you if you've tried xyz or why you aren't eating xyz.
>> That's tacky.

> A few years ago I was having a hell of a time getting food down,
> but I'd fake it in company. My sil's father, I love him, but in his
> loud voice, Is that all you're eating?? Why aren't you eating more,
> it's Thanksgiving! Oh, I'm not hungry, I had something before we
> came. Who eats before Thanksgiving dinner?? he boomed.
> Can't get anything past those goombas. (laugh) (and no offense to
> our goomba, it's an affectionate term where I came from)
> nancy

LOL Yeah, I can relate to that. When I was married I had to go to four
Thanksgiving dinners on my ex-husband's side. First at his mother's house
(gawd, her dressing was runny and just awful!), then his grandparent's house
(I loved them and she was a wonderful cook!). Then to his uncle's house
where all he talked about was how wealthy he was and he had the food
catered... his wife couldn't be bothered with cooking. Then his aunt's
house, which was in a crack neighborhood and consisted of one of those
turkey rolls in "gravy". Oh, joy!

Who can eat five meals in one afternoon? Apparently I was expected to do
this. I hated every minute of it. Somewhere in there we squeezed in dinner
with my parents. So people keep asking, "Why aren't you eating?" Um,
because I already did?!! Enough already!

No wonder I prefer a nice quiet day at home with a good book and maybe a
DVD. Wish I could do that today but I promised Scott. And he needs help.
He's still in some pain from the surgery and tires very easily.