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Default poaching on the grill

Since we've been dieting to get ready for the holidays, I've also been
doing some poaching on the grill. Last night, I did a great Orange
Roughy fillet that might be of general interest. The trick, if any, to
poaching on a grill is to use a bread pan and close it up pretty well
with aluminum foil. In the case of the Orange Roughy, I put in 2 pats
of butter and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice. The rinsed fillet
went into the bread pan next, and was topped with paprika, parsley, S&P.
For luck, I also added another couple of butter pats to the top. I
lit the left burner of my grill and set it to low, with the pan directly
over the heat. 20 minutes later, I used my probe and the fish
registered as "rare" in the thickest part- time to come off. The only
downside to this is pulling the foil off to use the probe, and if I
wasn't so lazy, I'd have used my remote reading thermometer.

BTW, for anyone worried about all that butter, my guess is that the
whole fillet probably had 1/8th of a single pat in and on it by the time
it had been taken out and served.

Also, the old bread pan works swell for steaming or poaching veggies
like squash, zucchini and onion.
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