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Default Czilispiel - a long report on a fun weekend in Texas

Moonbeam wrote:
I love Texas too! I was born and raised in Harlan County Kentucky but
my husband's work took us to Houston where we spent over 30 years. My
son and some of
the best friends I've ever had live in Houston. I'm almost as much
Texan as Kentuckian. I like the barbequed briskets, but my favorite
is pulled pork. We used
to stop at a little barbeque place in east Tennessee that had the
pulled pork with a sauce that had no tomato. I think it was a vinegar
type that you put on and then
added a pile of slaw on top. So far I've not been able to find a
recipe for this. If anyone knows what I'm trying to describe, I'd
sure appreciate your ideas. My
husband of 54 years, was the master of the grill (charcoal) but he
has been in a nursing home for the past couple of years, and if get
any barbeque I'll have to do
it myself.

There are a good number of recipes in the bbq faq, and I think you'll fine
one similar:

BTW, for this NG it is preferred that folks either bottom post, or
interleave their replies. It would be much appreciated.