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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

"Andy" <q> wrote

> This morning I realized a ring is missing. I've been turning the house
> upside down, went through the garbage bit by bit. Can't find it!

A few weeks ago I lost an earring. Not of any great value,
but I really like these earrings. Dammit. Drives me nuts when
that happens. I looked all over, but I know it's just gone.
Abandoned me like so many other earrings over the years.

Couple of days later, what's that on the floor by my chair?
A candy wrapper?? Nope! My earring. Yay.

That's what will happen to you, you'll find it.

You probably don't want to hear about the three cheese chicken
ravioli I picked up at Costco, though. Tasty, but not diet.