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Old 19-07-2005, 09:44 PM
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Default "Americans tap wine over beer"

Americans tap wine over beer

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Old 20-07-2005, 04:45 AM
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which is pathetic given the vast array of chemicals added to commercial

i'll make my wine with plain grape juice and NO chemicals and leave it at

Every man has his price except the honest man. You get him for

wrote in message
Americans tap wine over beer

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Old 03-08-2005, 03:06 AM
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"Ray Calvert" wrote in message
. ..
I read the article but did not see anything indicating that people were
considering chemicals when they were picking their poison. Maybe I missed
something. I wonder about the numbers though, They indicate Americans
drink about 24 gallons of beer and 2 gallons of wine per year. I assume
they mean for those who drink each, not an average of all Americans or of
all drinkers. That would indicate that people who drink beer drink about
235 beers a year while people who drink wine only drink about 50 glasses a
year. Wine drinkers must not reach for their alcohol of choice very often.
I certainly do more than my share by those standards.

50 glasses a year? That's less than one per week. I would guess that that's
the average for all Americans, not just wine drinkers.


"Per capita wine consumption in the United States in 1995 was: 2.13

which is close to your 2 gallons per year and for all adults, not just wine
drinkers. Of course, the average (mean) is more meaningful if you have the
standard deviation of the distribution. There's a lot of good statistical
information about wine consumption at
Table 2 gives the average and standard deviation of wine share but I'll have
to read this a few more times while sober to fully understand it. I
cross-posted to alt.sci.math.probability and sci.stat.math to see if any of
the stat wizards there could read anything into this. It looks like the
US-Canada share is increasing while the standard deviation as a ratio to
mean is decreasing, indicating a tightening up of the wine consumption
trends. (I really like the wine consumption by latitude graphs.)

Another interesting fact from that site:

"The approximate ratio of beer advertising to wine advertising is: 10 to 1"

Which is in the neighborhood of your 24 gallons of beer to 2 gallons of wine
per year, or 12-1. It looks like it pays to advertise.


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