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Cape Bretoner 22-12-2003 12:22 AM

Help Wanted
I recently found a bottle of wine that is over 100 years old. I am
trying to find out more about this bottle of wine, type content etc
and am looking for assistance.

There is no label on the wine, it came from a shipwreck that I know
when it sunk But am unable to locate a manifest for.

The only identifing marks are the corrk, which have the following on

One stamp is as follows,


Where the ** is letters that I cannot make out.

On the opposite side is an oval with writing around it and a symbol in
the center. The symbol is not identifible and only part of the
writing is legible.

It has the following...



Is there anyone out there that could help me to determine the

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Lazurus106 22-12-2003 02:07 AM

Help Wanted
The location of the shipwreck? the mean temprature that the bottle sat at.
I'm afraid that unless it was very very cold were it was. I don't belive there
is much chance that its any good.
I belive there was recently a bunch of champange found in a shipwreck in very
cold water and they seemed to have survived anyone still have the URL for that?
PS doesn't mean it isn't a neat find!

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