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Old 30-09-2003, 05:46 PM
Mark Lipton
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Default Chemicals in red wine

hansdford cole wrote:

Is there anyone out there who can tell me the name of the chemical(s)
in red wine that makes it red????

Anthocyanins, the same colorants found in red (and blue) flowers.

Also by chance:
How about the name of the chemical(s) that make red meat red?

Mostly hemoglobin, the same thing that makes blood red.

Mark Lipton

Chemist and oenophile

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Old 30-09-2003, 08:09 PM
Bart Vanholder
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Default Chemicals in red wine

Resveratrol is an anti-oxydant. It is not responsable for the red colour but
acts as an anti-oxydant wich prevents the oxydation of cholesterol in the
Besides, there seems to be more chemistry involved in the 'good effects' of
(red) wine on cholesterol-levels. These would be related to the saponins
(another chemic that is NOT responsable for the colour).
Red wine contains more saponins because these are mainly found in the skins
(and red wines have had longer contacts with the skins). Also higher degree
in alcohol makes them more soluble, find out why the high degree Zinfandels
are so healthy...

The red colour of meat (= muscle) is indeed Myoglobin (the haemoglobin-like
compound found in the muscles).

The red colour of wine is caused by anthocyans / pro-anthocyanidins.
These pro-anthocyanidins are anthocyanidine - catechin dimeres: These
dimeres can split (H+ induced) to catechine + anthocyanidin. The brown
colour in 'old wine' is due to a polymerisation of these catechins that
precipitate eventually.

Bart Vanholder
Pharmacist + Wine-lover.

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Old 30-09-2003, 08:38 PM
Bart Vanholder
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Default Chemicals in red wine

Might check this out as well:,1197,1852,00

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