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Default Three-in-one Air Purifier, Humidifier and Air Freshener

Best deal:

We got one of these and three of the other air purifier -- the one that is topped with a green leaf. The plastic bottoms are interchangeable even though they are austensibly different products from different manufacturers -- one from Thermax and one from Harmony House.We traded in our HEPA Silent Comfort air purifier because it is noisy and, while it works, doesn't cleanse the air sufficiently of cigarette smoke. We bought two of these to try in our 3,500 square foot house and immediately decided to buy two more. It's remarkably quiet and sitting two yards from a person smoking, I can't smell the cigarette. In addition to a reduction in allergy symptoms -- red eyes and runny noses, we've noticed the increase in humidity has reduced the natural dryness that comes from living in the desert. We're still waiting,wondering and hoping we'll notice a reduction in the need to dust. It seems logical that these air purifiers would also trap the desert dust from the air. This is a great product and we're very glad we tried it.New Information: We've had the purifiers almost a month. We noticed buildup under the hood from the water. It isn't easy to clean because the top -- the area where all the electronics are -- doesn't come apart. There doesn't appear any easy way to clean the hard water spots. I wrote to the manufacture to ask if there a way to disassemble the purifier to clean the top.
My sister-in-law had purchased one of these when I was on vacation and I fell in love with it. I wasn't crazy about the leave design so when I found this seashell, I just had to have it. I can barely hear it, soothing to watch the water. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating. Don't like the scent it came with. The product is wonderful though!!!
I have 2 of these "3 and 1 air freshners" manufactured by Harmony House. They really work fast and clear the air. I suffer from allegies and find that they work just as well or better than the larger and more expensive hepa filters that I have. The aromatherapy is better than the other brands of water filtered air purifiers. It uses natural tea tree oil to disinfect the water, so the mist is cleaner and more sanitary too. The aromatherapy is more expensive than the competitors' oils, but Harmony House's product is better. If you compare it to real aromatherapy oils, it does not seem so expensive. Apples to apples it is a better product. I dump the water when it gets cloudy after a day or two. I like the quiet noise. I have one in my bedroom and another in my home office. I would give the unit a perfect rating except that I am skeptical about its ability to humidify a dry room I haven't used it for that yet in extreme conditions, which will likely be upon us here in NY soon, when the outdoor temps drop below freezing. The reservoir seems too small to make an impact, but, I will say that I have not been uncomfortable and dry in the rooms where it has been in use. I read reviews of similar products from other manufacturers and Harmony House's unit does not leak or leave water marks. It seems to be a better unit, although I have not used the others at all.
I bought this about a week ago and it works well; we keep it in our living room. The water spins around and somehow purifies the air. The humidifier also works well. My complaints are that it's noisy and the scent is very expensive ($30 plus for 4 small vials) and only comes in a few scents. Somewhere I read you can put in pure essence oils but it will stain the reservoir.After putting the purifier in another room to see how well it works there, I have noticed the air in the living room is dryer and there is a slight smell of our large dog.If it passes the "basement room test" I'm going to purchase another one.
This unique air purifying system can clean, humidify, neutralize and refresh air with tap water instead of expensive carbon filters. In addition, you can add scented essential oil in the water to create a wonderful aromatherapy experience in your own bedroom or office. More than 5,000,000 have sold worldwide and now it is available for the first time in the USA. Why miss out this wonderful and simple technology where the rest of the world is loving it!


Natrol Acai Berry 1000mg per daily serving- 60 caps:
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Default air purifier

Hextio - Best Air purifer system, visit [url=]
Hextio uses ultimate reflection and refraction within the reactor chamber to enhance its efficiency by 10 times. The most compact, stylish, fully automatic, super efficient and cost effective air purifier and steriliser for all home and work environments.
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