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zonagram 08-03-2007 01:40 AM

Coturri at Campagna Wwinery--Beware
Joe Campagna and George Proudhon fraudulently foreclosed on Gabrielli
Winery with the instigation of Mr.Takahashi of Wacom Corp of Rockland
Ccounty and Japan (M.Watanabe inc).

any and all claims against this LLC (Campagna Winery) should be made
against Mr.Takahashi and Wacom Corp (a multi-billion-dollar
enterprise) and not against the premises of Gabrielli Winery or the
inventory produced and bnoded under Gabrielli Winery and fraudulently

Mr. Sunao Yamada of Gabrielli Wwinery will be returning soon from
Japan perhaps to clear up any confustion.

No inventory should be removed by the Campagna Winery LLC from the
Gabrielli Winery property nor sold until Ggabrieli Winery's interests
are considered and do so you (whomever) might set
yourselves up for actionalbe situation or even criminal consideration.

any agent thereof ditto.

Mr.Takahashi may have done his actions without the foreknowledge or
permission of Wacom, but they are ultimately responsible for this
mess. Wacom does not understand this yet and the owner of Wacom does
not read English nor speak it nor understand the Aamerican Legal

anything mr.Takahashi may propone on the matter or Mr.Joe Campagna or
their agents should be considered with much skepticism.

Mr.Ccoturri wishes to finish the wines and pay the vineyards out of
the finished inventory. thsi would be a nice idea, but without strict
inventory accounting and accountability and the ownership of the wines
determined given that the winery was operated without proper licensure
to make these wines (though I hear they are very good to excellent),
such sales may be the subject of and enter into the damages of
lawsuits and/or criminal investigation.

Tthat Mr.Takahashi came back with pinky intact is of great surprise to
us all.

M.Watanabe has an interesting past as an individual and as a

Tthi is a formal advisory to any and all in the trade or Judges or
regulatory agencies or criminal investigatory agencies or agents of
Joe Campagna LLC or Joe Campagna, George Proudhon or Tony Colutti..

those who know noh. San Francisco Chronicle, ya wanna email me ?

[email protected] 09-03-2007 02:34 PM

Coturri at Campagna Wwinery--Beware
What in shriveled grapes is this all about?

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