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Default Can we do better?

On 2/2/2006 6:42 PM, wrote:

Leif Erikson wrote:
homo pantywaist fudgepacker ronnie hamilton shrieked:

Leif Erikson wrote:
Dave wrote:
rick wrote:
"Dave" wrote in message

rick wrote:
"Dave" wrote in message

rick wrote:
"Dave" wrote in message

rick wrote:
"Dave" wrote in message


If you do not buy grain fed, chemically laced meat
about the same impact upon the industries that produce
vegans do.
Your logic is failing. I have an impact on the
a product that directly competes with what loons rant

Someone who stops eating beef will have to eat something
else or go hungry. All food products are in competition
each other to some degree.
Someone who does not eat meat and never will has no impact
meat industry they spew about.

That is the point. They have no impact on the industry. They
provide the motive for treating animals that way unlike
consume the cheapest meats available.
Yet they do nothing to change the industry the spew about.
Having an impact for change means you have to participate.

Reduction is a type of change.
You're missing the point.

No it's you who are missing the point.

Rick is correct: YOU are the one missing the point

No. ricky is an idiot.

No, Rick has this exactly right.

Since vegans do not and will not buy
meat they aren't reducing their use of meat. Since they do
participate, they have no impact.

Their use of meat is less than it would be if they weren't vegan.
By continuing to be vegan they are removing their contribution
towards the commercial incentive to produce meat of any kind.

No. You are wrong.

No. No he's not.

Yes, he is. "vegans" are not having any impact beyond their initial
refusal to eat meat, and that wasn't much impact at all.

Surely it's about the same amount of impact as Rick makes by buying
grass-fed beef.


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