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Default Would you like to be eaten?

On 12/28/2005 9:22 AM, ****wit David Harrison, criminal breeder of
fighting birds, lied:

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 20:19:11 GMT, "S. wrote:

This false belief that it is better to exist than never
to exist leads to an infamous bit of illogic called the
Logic of the Larder, taken from the title of a famous
essay on this very topic.

You're referring to an "ARA's" fantasy about what
HE/YOU/"ARAs" feel a pig would say if it could, and
if it knew it was raised by humans, and that humans
would kill it, and butcher it, and eat it, and it even knew
about ham and sausages

It is a didactic fable. You're too dense to know what that is. It is
irrelevant that pigs can't talk or that they don't know why they exist.
The pig in the fable is speaking for Salt. Salt is telling "the
philosopher" that his rationalization for what he's doing to the pig is
philosophical nonsense. The "Logic of the Larder" - the belief that
causing animals to exist is a benefit to them - is invalid. It doesn't
matter if the exposition of the invalidity is in the form of a fable
with a talking pig, or in a dry scholarly paper. The exposition is the
same in either case, or in any other case: the belief that some
"benefit" conferred on the pig by causing it to exist in some way
mitigates the harm inflicted on the pig by killing it is illogical
nonsense. It's actually worse than that: it is immoral.

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