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Which countries eat the most meat?
Which countries eat the most meat?

By Hannah Ritchie
Oxford Martin School
BBC News
February 4, 2019

You may have heard an increasing number of people vow to
reduce their meat eating lately -- or cut it out

This often forms part of a bid to become healthier, reduce
their environmental impact, or consider animal welfare.

A third of Britons claim to have either stopped eating meat
or reduced it, while two thirds of those in the US say they
are eating less of at least one meat.

This trend is partly thanks to initiatives such as Meat-
free Mondays and Veganuary. At the same time, a number of
documentaries and high-profile advocates of veganism have
highlighted the potential benefits of eating less meat.

But have these sentiments had any effect on the ground?

Rising incomes

What we do know is that global meat consumption has
increased rapidly over the past 50 years.

Meat production today is nearly five times higher than in
the early 1960s -- from 70 million tonnes to more than 330
million tonnes in 2017.

A big reason for this is that there are many more people to

Over that period the world population more than doubled. In
the early 1960s there were around three billion of us, and
today there are more than 7.6 billion.

While population is part of the story, it doesn't entirely
account for why meat production increased five-fold.

Another key factor is rising incomes.

Around the world, people have become richer, with the
global average income more than tripling in half a century.

When we compare consumption across different countries we
see that, typically, the richer we are the more meat we

There are not just more people in the world -- there are
more people who can afford to eat meat.

Who eats the most meat?

We see a clear link with wealth when looking at patterns of
meat consumption across the world.

In 2013, the most recent year available, the US and
Australia topped the tables for annual meat consumption.
Alongside New Zealand and Argentina, both countries topped
more than 100kg per person, the equivalent to about 50
chickens or half a cow each.

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