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TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher 09-12-2011 02:20 PM

Study on rats confirms solidarity
I don't want to point out anyone in particular, but this study on rats
proves my Wisdom of the Jungle right...

A rat goes to the rescue of another rat in distress --me-- even when
that means sharing chocolate cookies. My struggle to ride a bike --
dangerous to me and others on sidewalk-- must not be ignored or else
we'll be all worse than rats. Again, rats do NOT jump ship when it's
sinking, and we all know the world is sinking.


The act of helping others out of empathy has long been associated
strictly with humans and other primates, but new research shows that
rats exhibit this prosocial behavior as well.

In the new study, laboratory rats repeatedly freed their cage-mates
from containers, even though there was no clear reward for doing so.
The rodents didn't bother opening empty containers or those holding
stuffed rats.

To the researchers' surprise, when presented with both a rat-holding
container and one containing a chocolate the rats' favorite snack
the rodents not only chose to open both containers, but also to share
the treats they liberated.


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