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Default Requiem for a Mouse

My sweet "Goldie" passed away last night. She was provided food,
shelter and a wheel, something that can not be said for many humans.
She was shy, but made a good match with Koko, who's a loving pet that
"talks" to me. I feel sorry for Koko now, since she'll be alone, and
they are social animals, just like us. You can't mix different
species, though, since the big animal will surely eat the little one.
No remorse or feelings, it just swallows. That's a metaphor for
capitalism or for the fate of cyclists on the road. Requiem for the


"Koko says she wishes this story breaks your heart"

Here's a link for those who want to research the issue further...

"Darrow continues and quotes Nietzsche:

'The morality of the master class is irritating to the taste of the
present day because of its fundamental principle that a man has
obligation only to his equals; that he may act to all of lower rank
and to all that are foreign, as he pleases.'

The morality advanced by this article, though, is the funny morality
of "God," who has a "chosen people." If you have a chosen people they
are better than others and we go back to the law of the jungle, where
you can kill those who are inferior to you. Luckily, there's now a
"Wisdom of the Jungle," which makes room for ALL SPECIES, thus it's
the only hope we got. Funny, a mouse may trigger a revolution.




On Nov 28, 5:38 pm, Tim wrote:
On Nov 28, 3:48 pm, "TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"

My sweet "Goldie" passed away last night.

I am sorry to hear about your loss TibetanMonkey. Normally my shaman
would go into a series of discussions leading up to the final days and
coping with death in your presence, what to expect, what to hope
for... but this is after the fact.

This is a good time to prove to yourself that you know your shit on
meditation. Close your eyes and completely dwell on Goldie's image.
Can you see her (guessing) doing her Goldie things? Then Goldie is not
really dead since she was only a figment of your imagination.

Something to think about at her funeral and while you are cleaning out
her cage.


Finally you seem to have a sense of humor.

What a pity this moment is NOT for humor. I thank you anyway.

NOTE: The funeral and burial were last night, 5 minutes after her
death. No prayers were said.

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Old 01-12-2011, 11:38 PM posted to
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Default Requiem for a Mouse

On Dec 1, 11:53 am, "TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"
On Dec 1, 11:21 am, "TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"

On Dec 1, 2:02 am, "TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher"

You must understand before I continue to attack dogs and cats that my
beach and community are full of their crap. Just to clarify that I
don't witness dogs copulating everyday.

How did that dog jump up there?

Dogs can very dangerous when they handle guns...

"Man is accidentally shot by his own dog"

I couldn't help it but put my own comment...

"Dogs have an inclination to violence inherited from wolves just as we
have such inclination inherited from monkeys."

When we dig into the deep psychological causes for dog aggression, we
find surprising conclusions...

"Dogs feel a great deal of anger against owners that give them dog


Could the same be said about human aggression? Some people sustain
McDonald's food causes anger and mood swings.

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