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Default Fat Tax

OK, we discussing here a FAT TAX, which means that even Buddha would
be taxed. Lean Buddha is good because he doesn't eat at the Chinese
buffet. I think it's a great idea overall, but a little complicated to
apply. According to the Wisdom of the Jungle, there are two sides to
gathering, ie. riding bike, whatever).

On Oct 1, 9:56 am, "Mr. Smartypants" wrote:
On 10/1/2011 5:44 AM, walt tonne wrote:


The fat on people's bodies comes from eating TOO MUCH F*** FOOD!

And too little exercise.

No place to ride a bike and often no place to walk either.

What are you doing about the hunter-gatherer?


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Old 01-10-2011, 07:27 PM posted to
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Default Fat Tax

On Oct 1, 11:33 am, Alias
On 10/01/2011 03:38 PM, wrote:

As long as we continue to have an ovely-abundant food supply in this
country, and it remains comparatively inexpensive, obesity will
continue to become a health problem.
As long as parents are not only encouraged, but urged, to over-feed
children, we will have an obesity in this country.
As long as public school lunch programs continue to have high-fat
cooking, and allow double servings of milk, we will have obesity in
this country.
What we need in this country, barring wide-spread crop failures, is
strict food rationing. Especially of those foods that cause rapid
weight gain. And if a person, whether adult or child, starts becoming
overweight, an investigation of that person's buying habits should be
conducted, and fines, consisting of withholding food rationing points,
should be imposed.

And who will head up the committee, Chris Christie? Michael Moore? What
will you do with the people who have hormone imbalances, hang 'em?

"Soylent Green."

Kidding. Send them to fight in Afghanistan. Boot camp and the rigors
of war should keep them in shape.

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