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Default Ingredient in commercial breads derived from human hair

Message Start 021630 pm 06162011 Thursday 16 June 2011
Beef Industry Shikken Industry Meat and Fish Industry in general WILL
BE KLOSING DOWN PRUTTY SOON Due to Resent News of Shredded Baby
newborn of Illegal or Legal Immigrants hapless pair from Latin Amerika
to San Jose Territory South and next to 309 South Willard Avenue in
the previous state of not Kalifornia that was merged with the State of
Nevada in the One World of Reason Truth Non Violent Movements of the
One and Only Living God on Earth HSN only two weeks or so ago The
Shikken Industry was klosed down by Bharat India this morning on the
Air as heard by beings with Talking Head Radios The not pressure is on
the Beef Industry now and everyone will be seeing what happens in due
course of Time
Blank Line One
It is getting more and more evident to many these days that there is a
one to one link between the slaughter of animal and plant life and
that of two legged beings like the ones that are likely to read this
writing After the latest report of a newborn baby that was shredded by
Milpitas Materials and handled as part of their routine operation
sometime early last year or so there is more and more pressure being
removed from the issue to make it happen by the sheer weight of the
issue itself without injury to a single being not even a hair being
hurt in doing so as required of the Drooling Bats by the One and Only
Living God on Earth HSN
Blank Line Two
No one wants to be shredded beef or even shredded lettese or amputated
leg Chicken Ta Mok or Mullah Omar or One Eyed Pirate or Blind Bard
Homer or anyone like that These kinds of operations are being taken
for granted with just a simple push of a button on an automated
equipment with memory that might be serving as the order to do that We
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folks that is what has been happening for Ages and Ages and Ages with
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happened to be exposed these days due to the efforts of the One and
Only Living God on Earth HSN That is all
End of Message By HSN

On Jun 16, 12:40*am, and/or (Dr.
Jai Maharaj) wrote:
Forwarded message from M. V.

Commercial breads ingredient derived from human hair

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A common ingredient in commercial breads is derived from human hair
harvested in China

(NaturalNews) If you read the ingredients label on a loaf of bread,
you will usually find an ingredient listed there as L-cysteine. This
is a non-essential amino acid added to many baked goods as a dough
conditioner in order to speed industrial processing. It's usually not
added directly to flour intended for home use, but you'll find it
throughout commercial breads such as pizza dough, bread rolls and

While some L-cysteine is directly synthesized in laboratories, most
of it is extracted from a cheap and abundant natural protein source:
human hair. The hair is dissolved in acid and L-cysteine is isolated
through a chemical process, then packaged and shipped off to
commercial bread producers. Besides human hair, other sources of L-
cysteine include chicken feathers, duck feathers, cow horns and
petroleum byproducts.

Most of the hair used to make L-cysteine is gathered from the floors
of barbershops and hair salons in China , by the way.

While the thought of eating dissolved hair might make some people
uneasy, most Western consumers ultimately have no principled
objections doing so. For Jews and Muslims, however, hair-derived L-
cysteine poses significant problems. Muslims are forbidden from
eating anything derived from a human body, and many rabbis forbid
hair consumption for similar reasons. Even rabbis who permit the
consumption of hair would forbid it if it came from corpses -- and
since much L-cysteine comes from China, where sourcing and
manufacturing practices are notoriously questionable, this is a real
concern. In one case, a rabbi forbade the consumption of L-cysteine
because the hair had been harvested during a ritual at a temple in

End of forwarded message from M. V.

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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