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"C. James Strutz" wrote:

"Mikey Deluxe" wrote in message
Hi all, I'm a recent Vegetarian, I've only been trying it for about 3

now, Problem is I'm really getting sick of stir fry. And I'm in the Middle
of a really intense diet (Need to lose alot of weight really fast for an
Operation), and the kicker, I'm an exremely bad cook, I can't even make KD
on my first try, It's pathetic. So is their any recipies for guys that are
on a severly low fat diet and can't cook worth beans?

Hoping I got the Right group


Here're some ideas for easy meals that don't involve a lot of cooking. There
are also a lot of prepackaged, easy to prepare, vegetarian products aimed at
the low fat market. Hope your doctor's advising you on diet and exercise.

Pasta with tomato sauce

Lot's of tryglycerides

Rice and beans w/ onions, garlic, etc.


Veggie burgers
Raw vegetables and fruit
Vegetables, grilled or steamed
Granola w/ soy milk, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Granola is usually some of the most fattening food that exists.
So are dried fruits. So are nuts.

Salads w/ greens, tomatos, onions, etc.

YES! If you want to lose weight, EAT MORE, lots of salad but watch
the dressings. There's plenty of no calorie dressings available.

In the long run, add raw nuts back in to improve your lipid profile,
but if you need to lose weight quickly, be careful.


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