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Default Huge pile of instruction manuals to wade through! OT

. . . and an even more hugerer pile of mostly strange and
unidentifiable bits and pieces to find out where they go to and from of on
this new PC and connect up without anything going bang!!

It arrived around 14:30 and I still ain't got it up and running. It took
ages to clear a space for it and the only place uncluttered enough to unpack
it all was the kitchen so I had to be extremely careful not to drop anything
as I brought it piece-by-piece through my obstacle course of a passage into
here, so it took about another hour to completely unpack it all, and I'm
still in the middle of reading through all these damned manuals.

I pity anyone totally new to computers buying one of these. They'd have a

The keyboard's very smart-looking but also quite weird. Lots of extra
function buttons along the top - one's marked with a little footballer
even - what that's for I've no idea, and there's also a little world, I
suppose for Internet - and surprise, surprise - it shows the hemisphere with
the Americas in it instead of Europe. Cheek!

There's even a play/record/track-skip/stop keypad, a mute button and a
rotary volume control, and the keyboard's wireless like the optical mouse,
so that's two small infra-red transceivers that'll have to go somewhere. The
foot of the monitor seems the obvious place to stick em.

It's a bit like one of those M$ Internet keyboards but with one vital
difference: it doesn't look as if it's been designed by Walt Disney!

There's also a remote control for when you want to use teh PC as a telly -
so there's anothr IR receiver box to ge somewhere, and there's a set of
Lansing speakers which are a bit disappointing because there's no way of
turning the sub-woofer off . . . yet!

And in one box I found a rubber-duck aerial. It's got a wireless LAN! I
didn't see that in the specification, unless that's what they refer to as
Ethernet. If I could get one of those that'd work with the old computer
under Windows 98SE, it'd make transferring stuff a lot easier.

It's sitting on my old wartime CC44 Utility dining table directly opposite
the old PC, and with me sitting in between em, I hope they don't see each
other as rivals and start behaving like computers in sci-fi films and start
zapping each other!

The tower itself is built like a battleship. I had to severely bend both my
knees to lift it soze not to do my back in, and it has everything: what
looks like cable stowage on top, video and audio in and out and a few other
ports and the hole for the removable drive at the front, all hidden away
under very neat fold-away flaps, and a set of memory card reading slots at
the top - and loads more mysterious sockets at the back of course.

And something I definitely didn't expect: It has a CD/DVD R-W drive of
course and an extra DVD reader as well - praps for you to highly illegally
;o) copy DVDs and CDs on the fly. I only mention this possibility because of
course, you *mustn't* do it!

And the monitor? Laaaaarge! - and very elegant-looking.

Dunno how long it's going to take me to set it all up and learn to drive it.
My brain ain't what it used to be these days. It used to be my left foot but
even that's got a great big wart on it!

The whole lot came to only 681.48 including delivery.

And the best thing of the lot? XP, NOT Vista!!

Happy though slightly tired and overwhelminified idiot Nemo.

Eccles: Oooooh! Muhyy fruyendd!

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