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[email protected] 07-02-2006 10:36 PM

Does decaf green jasmine exist?
Does anyone know of a source of good decaf. green jasmine tea?

I have searched high and low (on the Internet) for a decaffeinated
green jasmine tea and have failed to find one. Decaf jasmine is
"always" black tea. From reading about the process of drying the
(black) tea and jasmine flowers together, I assume the flavor would not
be the same if I steeped dried jasmine flowers (if I could find them)
along with an unflavored decaf green tea. Perhaps its lack of
existence on the Internet (as reported by Google) is because it would
taste bad and no one makes it?

Jason F in Los Angeles 08-02-2006 12:03 AM

Does decaf green jasmine exist?
If you can't find the decaf jasmine tea you seek, I offer an

If you have a local middle eastern market, or a market that carries
middle eastern brands like Sadaf, you can find something called "orange
blossom water" that's used in flavoring coffee, tea, and dessert. Its
fragrance and flavor are remarkably similar to sambac jasmine. You can
also get it online at

Find your favorite decaf green tea, brew a cup, and add a few
drops--just 1-2 drops as it's very strong stuff! I made the mistake of
putting a capful in once and it was like drinking potpourri, so use it
sparingly. One bottle should last you a decade or so at that rate.

If you find this isn't an acceptable substitute, you can visit your
favorite nursery and buy a sambac jasmine plant, preferably a
double-blossom varietal. They do fine as indoor plants, and if you live
in a warm climate, they do great outdoors. Mine blooms all year round
in California! One fresh blossom works great!

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