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Space Cowboy 08-07-2005 02:55 PM

There is lots of fine particulate in this tea that escapes straining
and continues brewing in this cup. Not only does the cup color change
but also the taste. I opened a bag a couple of months ago and almost
choked from the dust. Swirl in a glass pot and you'll see the residue
almost like tiny soap bubbles on the sides. You'll see the bubbles as
you empty the cup. You see this phenomena in the occasional British
blend but not this apparent. I describe the taste as smoky vanilla and
I've heard of only one other strain of tea off the coast of Africa with
a natural vanilla taste without additives. I think this is a sine non
qua tea from China. I think the taste would fool most coffee and tea


Marlene Wood wrote:
I've noticed this with blacks too. Especially yunnan gold. I'll be
distracted half way through a pot, and when I come back an hour or so later,
and the dark amber will have changed to almost coffee black.

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