Tea (rec.drink.tea) Discussion relating to tea, the world's second most consumed beverage (after water), made by infusing or boiling the leaves of the tea plant (C. sinensis or close relatives) in water.

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Default Seven Gunpowders from Upton

As promised, here are my thoughts in samples of seven gunpowder green
teas from Upton.

1. ZG20 China First Grade Gunpowder -
Brewed 1 tsp. in 8 oz at 180F for 2-1/2 min. was very smoky in aroma.
Brewed 1/2 tsp. was a lot less smoky and the flavor was green and sweet.
Also good as cold tea. Not one of my favorites, so I won't reorder.

2. ZG21 China Organic Gunpowder -
Brewed 1/2 tsp. in 8 oz at 175F for 2-1/2 min. is very pleasant, smooth,
slightly sweet and green.
Brewed for 90 sec. at 160F is milder but still too green for me. I won't

3. ZG24 China Organic Gunpowder Dao Ming -
Brewed 1/2 tsp. in 8 oz at 175F for 2-1/2 min is too bold and too green
while being smooth and a little sweet.
Brewed for 90 sec. at 160F makes a huge difference: a lot smoother, a bit
sweeter, barely green and still bold w/o being too bold. I won't, however,

4. ZG30 Special Grade Temple of Heaven, agonized over in the ToH thread
started by Cathy Weeks on 12/9, so this is summary only -
Finally, brewing 3/8 tsp. in 8 oz at 180F for 2 min. 40 sec. gave me the
best flavor of all. It's not as smooth as the ZG34 Special Grade Pearl #1
Gunpowder which is sweeter and has better flavor so, I don't plan to reorder
the ToH.
Later, brewed 1/2 tsp. at 160F for 2-1/2 min. which also worked well enough.
Cold tea is the same. Still not going to reorder.

5. ZG32 Special Grade Green Dew Gunpowder -
Brewed 1/2 tsp. in 8 oz at 175F for 2-1/2 min. is very smooth, good taste
w/o being very "green" and there was a sweetness which lingered afterwards.
Very nice, it's sweeter and slightly greener than the Jade Pearl.

6. ZG34 Jade Pearl Gunpowder -
This is a very forgiving tea yielding a nice drinkable cup at varying
amounts and times. I settled on 1/2 tsp. in 8 oz at/or below 180F for 2-1/2
min. It has a fuller body and, while sweeter than most of the others, it
isn't quite as sweet as the Green Dew.

7. TG45 Gunpowder Green Peppermint (actually a flavored tea) -
Brewed 1/2 tsp. in 8 oz at 160F for about 2-1/2 min. was smooth with a nice,
slightly smoky-mint aroma and a mild taste.
Brewed 1 tsp. in 8 oz at 160F for 3 min. gave much better flavor but still
want to try brewing for 2-3/4 min. and 1/2 tsp. for 3 min. This is a nice
novelty tea; the gunpowder isn't as smooth as the Jade Pearl or the Green
Dew, but serves to strike a suitable counterpoint with the peppermint.

In conclusion, I wanted to find a single gunpowder to keep on hand as a
staple, but can't decide between the Green Dew and the Jade Pearl. I like
each for different reasons and after comparing them at 160F for 2-1/2 min.,
I'm at the point of buying them both.

Respectfully submitted,

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