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Chase Dimond 15-02-2018 05:37 PM

TeaLovers (, a community for tea enthusiasts around the world, announced that they have officially launched. After a few months of building their platform and talking with thousands of passionate tea drinkers, is finally live! TeaLovers vision is to be the community that best understands and satisfies tea lovers needs around the world, through encouraging members to share information and ask questions of others. CEO, Peng Lin, said: €œWe are beyond thrilled to open our platform to the 3,600+ early adopters, as well as the world, all of whom have expressed a tremendous amount of excitement for what we are building..€ Joining Mr. Lin, is Bill Foley, CEO of Libbey, Inc., a glassware company in the Americas and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world. Mr. Foley shares Mr. Lins vision of empowering tea enthusiasts to connect with others to share and learn, so members can live healthier. Mr. Foley said, €œI am excited to see the launch of a new community with incredible pre-launch traction. I think TeaLovers has the ability to elevate the tea experience for passionate tea drinkers around the world.€

TeaLovers ( members will gain access to an article database where tea experts share the latest and greatest tea concepts, a social media platform where members can connect and engage with other tea lovers 1-on-1 or in a group, and a forum where members can ask questions of the community and/or answer your fellow tea lovers questions.

About is the community that connects tea enthusiasts to share and receive information on all things tea €” reviews, recipes, history, and more. Our mission is to empowering each and every one of our members to learn more and connect with others, so each member can live healthier. Our community is home to thousands of members who are eager to share and learn, so everyone can live a more fulfilled, healthier life..

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