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Space Cowboy 12-11-2009 04:00 PM

Fermented tea by the pound
This $10/5lb bag tea comes from Xing Hua Food, Xin Xui District, Jiang
Men City, GuangDong.
Normally a cheap bulk oolong restaurant tea wouldnt get me excited
except in this case for the location and leaf grade with a little
etymology thrown in. GuangDong can no longer use the term Puer to
describe its fermented teas. Notice the three characters ju pu cha
meaning Chrysanthemum pu(er) tea consistently refer to the style if
you look it up on the Internet. The leaf grade on the left is mainly
large and small whole leaf half rolled and twisted. Its reminds me of
a steaming wet pile. I like the GuangDong taste better than something
similar from Yunnan.


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