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Warren Ransom[_4_] 27-07-2007 06:04 PM

Taiwanese Tea cookie recipe? (tea actually in the cookie)
When I was in Taiwan, in Taipei, I would get out to Chiufen (which I've
seen spelled every way you can imagine) as much as possible and drink
tea and snack at the many teahouses on the mountainside overlooking the
ocean. A truly remarkable experience. But while I was there, some of the
teahouse owners would occasionally remove my spent tea leaves, and
return a little while later having baked the leaves into slightly sweet
cookies (kind of like a ravioli with stuffing) and they were great.

So, I was wondering.
1. What are these cookies called?
2. Are many different tea types used, or mostly just tung ting?
3. Does anyone have a recipe for these? (I miss them so much).

Thanks ahead for any information....

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