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Repeating Rifle 26-03-2005 02:45 AM

Another experiment
I had posted previously on how I was using all of my starter except for what
stuck to the container and how I was using those remains for my next batch
of starter using a cup each of water and flour. This has been working out
well for me.

Krusteaze sells six-packs of assorted bread mixes. This time, I took one of
those packs, cracked wheat, to bake sourdough bread.

Again I used all my starter and prepared a new batch. The instructions
called for 1 cup of water, but I added an extra 2.5 fl oz for the flour
aready in my starter. I added another 2 TBS cracked wheat before kneading in
my bread machine. I stopped the knead before the dough got very sticky. I
put the dough into a ceramic bread pan and stabbed the hell out of it. It
being a nice sunny day, I put the pan in my greenhouse and let it rise for a
few hours checking on it at intervals. When it appeared right, I baked it.

In one word: Delicious.

I really believe that using all of the starter for a loaf rather than a
tablespoon or two has resulted in a better and faster leavening starter.
Moreover, I put the starter in my refrigerator before the flour has been
fully eaten.


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