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Default Translation of Auerman's Borodinsky recipe and some questions aboutmethod.

OK, here's a recent translation I made of Auerman's Borodinsky recipe,
in case it's of use or interest to anyone. You can find the original

Auerman's Borodinsky Recipe
For a loaf weighing between .5 and 1 kg:

Rye flour (95% extraction)--------80
Wheat flour (85% extraction)------15
Red rye malt---------------------- 5
Salt------------------------------ 1
Yeast----------------------------- 0.1
Sugar----------------------------- 6
Syrup----------------------------- 4
Vegetable oil--------------------- 0.05
Coriander------------------------- 0.5
Potato flour---------------------- 0.2

3-Stage Process: Scald-Sponge-Dough

1. Scald
Rye flour--------------25 kg
Malt------------------- 5
Coriander-------------- 0.5
Water---------------65-68 liters
Preparation of scald: mix malt and coriander into 7-8 liters of cold

water, add flour, mix and pour in 55-60 liters of boiling water,

constantly. In 2-2.5 hours mix the scald again for several minutes

cool to 35 C.

2. Sponge:
Sour------------------- 15-17 kg
Yeast-------------------- 0.1 kg
Thoroughly mix the sour into the cooled scald and then let it ferment

around 4 hours.
Note: older, mature dough is used as the sour. Or the following

can be made:
Mature dough------------------ 5 kg
Rye flour--------------------- 5 kg
Water------------------------5-7 kg
This sour should ferment for around 5 hours at 27-29 C.
(Translator's note: the sour has a hydration of 100-140.)

3. Dough
Salt------------------------- 1 kg
Sugar------------------------ 6 kg
Syrup------------------------ 4 kg
Rye flour (95 extraction)-----55 kg
Wheat flour (85 extraction)---15 kg

Dough temperature should be 30 C and after 10-30 minutes it can be

into loaves.

Loaves are elongated and smoothed with wet hands, then placed on

that have been sprinkled with flour and left to stand for 15-20

After standing and before going into the oven, the loaves are coated

a wheat flour and water mixture and sprinkled with coriander.

The loaves are first put in a 320-350 C. oven for 4-6 minutes and are

finished up at 240-250 C. The surface is made shiny by coating with a

starch mixture.

Aside from the use of a tiny amount of yeast, which I just omit, two
things bother me about this recipe:

1. One quarter of the flour is put into the scald (zavarka). Others
(e.g. Royter) only use 16% and I use around 8% myself, to avoid
ruining the crumb.

2. After forming the loaves, they are put into the over after only 20
minutes. I wait much longer than that.


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