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Default Stone Grill on Winchester Toronto(Review)

Have you ever heard of groupons?? Of course you have, my wife and I are part of one of those sites. They actually have some pretty good deals for some pretty decent business. Anyway, I am not here to do marketing for them, I am her to discuss the meal I had the other evening with my wife. We purchased a groupon for a restaurant called the StoneGrill on Winchester. This place sounded fantastic. They have some great cuts of meat such as dry aged beef, Bison rib eye, Rack of Lamb and beef striploin They also carried a couple cuts of wild game, Kangaroo and Wild Boar.

Really, the entire menu itself is fantastic all around. We started off with Calamari as an app. This was really good, nice and tender with a good tasty batter surrounding it. That was served with a Roasted Red Pepper Aioli (basically a garlicky mayo with a little more), I know it sounds boring to start with after I have already mentioned how good the menu was. But my wife and I happen to love Calamari and order it pretty much everywhere that has it on the menu. I am not too sure what part of the Kangaroo I ate, but I do believe it was the tenderloin. I wasn’t really to bothered to ask, but more about that in a minute. The Roo meat was sooooo gooooood, I could not believe the tenderness and juiciness of this. It was a gamy tasting cut but it had such an aged taste to it. My wife had the Bison Rib Eye, this as well was a great piece of juicy tasty meat. If you ever have the opportunity to try these two kinds of meat, do not pass it up. They were both very lean and full of flavor as well.

So after all that, this is where I start to explain the evening at the restaurant. We walked in to a very nice looking restaurant. The color scheme was cool, and it was just very modern. I am no décor or stylist person, lol. We were greeted by a girl who looked very shy and well, nervous basically. She took us to our seats and gave us the menus. And bomb goes the dynamite. That was it, no explanation of the menu, no pointing out the wine menu. Nothing. Remember, this is a pretty pricy place. My plate alone was 36$, and that doesn’t include a free beer either. After waiting a few minutes for water and our drink order, She finally came back and took our app order, still with nothing. Now here is why I keep saying “still nothing”. The StoneGrills theme is based on the fact that you get to be involved with the cooking of your own meal at your table by means of this smoking hot stone. Hence the name. Anyways we were never told what to expect or how to deal with our food once we get it. The only reason why I knew that the food came on a smoking hot stone was from when I read about it before buying the voucher.

Now, the place was not that busy , I would say there was three tables when we were there so I don’t understand why our server seemed so stressed. I will tell ya why,,,,,it was her second day on the job. Nobody was there for her to shadow or learn from at all. She had no suggestions from the wine list or the food itself really. I knew at that point that I was going to be pretty frustrated the rest of the way. So now our food comes and she says “oh watch out the plates are really hot”. Well YEAH, there’s only oil spitting all over the place, thanks tips. I don’t recommend short sleeves buy the way. So as our food is frying itself to death, my wife finally stops her and asks if there is a special way to do this or what do we do. Answer “just cut it up and cook it”. Now seriously folks, you need to understand that this stone was so hot, so freakin hot. My wife and I both had to remove our remaining meat and cut it on top of the veggies, To prevent this thing from drying to a crisp. For the first thirty seconds I hadn’t even tasted my Roo meat because I was stuffing my face so fast worrying about it over cooking. My wife’s Lobster, buddy, don’t even get me going. Lobster tail turned to rubber dog bone within a minute or so. The whole thing was ridiculous. And not to mention that we had to call her over when we wanted water, I never would have gotten another beer if I never asked. We asked another guy for water and advice on something and he couldn’t help either. It was his second day as well

Now those of you that know me know I am not a stuck up, snobby person whom expects the world delivered to me. To those of you that don’t know me, I am one of the most laid back guys in the world. It takes a lot to get me going and really all I expect is the service that I am paying for. If I wanted the type of service I would have gone to Mcyou know who and had burgers and gone for a walk in the hood. Anyway the high point of the night besides leaving was the meat, it was fresh full of flavor and juicy like crazy. Another thing is, I can’t even compliment the chef, since we cooked it ourselves. Which was fine, that’s, why we went there in the first place. It seemed like a pretty novel idea at the time. The worst part was definitely the service and lack of direction; even at regularly frequented restaurant hotspots they ask if it’s your first time there. To give you the opportunity to find out what’s going one. So at the end of the day there were 4 wait staff 2 of which had only been there 2 days and two that dint give a blah what the other newbies were doing. I would have a really hard time referring this restaurant to anybody. Oh, I did get a great parking spot though,,,LOL.

There will be more restaurant reviews to come in the near future. I have been trying a few really good burger places and will be filling you in on where and what they gots.

Take care and keep the fire hot.

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