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Default Family Held At Gunpoint Saved By Selfless Act of Fellow Hostage

Dateline: Omaha, Nebraska, December 21, 2009

Trent James Stewart was having a bad month. After fifteen years paying on
his mortgage, his home was scheduled for foreclosure. An attorney sent
Stewart a thirty day warning that his home was being foreclosed upon by Citi
Mortgage, a subsidiary of the big bank that was bailed out by the Bush
Administration to the tune of $40 Billion dollars. He had no job and little
chance of salvaging his mortgage. He had negotiated a bailout of his own,
but it meant that he would lose most of the equity in his home.

Depression set in and the man spent six full days in and out of bed until
that Monday when he no longer could bare feeling sorry for himself. His
written requests for assistance to the Omaha Police Division, US Department
of Justice, and Nebraska Attorney General's Office to pursue a criminal
investigation into the sexual assaults, heroin poisoning, and other crimes
committed against himself and his family by the Omaha Police Division and a
powerful Nebraska Republican had largely gone ignored.

But on this day in history, Mr. Stewart's life was about to take a turn for
the worst and nearly come to an end.


Mr. Stewart's friend, Stephen Brundieck, whom he met twenty-five years
earlier, had been arrested several yeas earlier for drug possession and
shoplifting. Brundieck, who had served a prison sentence earlier in his life
for drugs, was sent to the Nebraska State Penitentiary for a year on the
shoplifting charge awaiting sentencing for the drug possession charge he was
also arrested for during the same traffic stop.

Stewart had lost touch with Brundieck several months prior to his arrest.
When Stewart discovered that Brundieck was in prison from a mutual friend,
he began writing him in prison.

After months of correspondence between the two men, Brundieck asked Stewart
for help with some family problems Brundieck was unable to tend due to his
incarceration. Brundieck's mother had been taken to a hospital for some sort
of dimentia and was now committed to an retirement center. The home she kept
was being occupied by Brundieck's sister, Sherry, and her boyfriend,
Emanuel, but was not paid for and was scheduled to be sold.

Brundieck asked Stewart if he would collect Brundieck's belongings for him
and hold them until he was released from prison. Stewart agreed. Later that
summer, a wind storm downed many trees in the Omaha area including many
branches from a tree at Brundieck's mother's home and Stewart helped another
sister, Mary, remove the downed branches.

While in prison Stephen Brundieck entered prison drug rehab and graduated,
leading to an even earlier release date for the convicted criminal.

Stewart, who was once a heavy drinker himself with over a decade of sobriety
by that time, was asked by Brundieck is he could move in with him when
released from prison and serve his parole at his home.

Stewart agreed.

After being visited by a Parole Officer to verify the parole location and
notify him of his responsibilities, Brundieck was released from prison and
Stewart picked the exconvict up at the bus station in Omaha when he arrived.

Brundieck examined his possessions and discovered 90% or better of his
clothes were missing. His valuable baseball card collection had been looted
as well. His Ford Taurus was gone and never was located. But Stewart helped
Brundieck retrieve his Ford F-250 pickup truck which had sat for about two
years. Stewart had already retrieved Brundieck's motorcycle and got it
running for the man as well as putting a first rate paint job on the bike.

Stewart also took Brundieck to several thrift stores so the man would have
clothing after Brundieck managed to secure some money from his sister, Mary
to survive on.

Stewart had spent all summer without water and gas at his home due to his
inability to pay the bills, and water had to be trucked in by bucket to the
home for basic necessities. Brundieck didn't seem to mind, he was a free man
with his own bedroom and privacy.

For nearly a year Brundieck lived with Stewart and fulfilled his supervised
release requirements.

Brundieck apparently had begun to fail his drug/alcohol tests as part of his
parole. At one point, his parole officer arrived for a surprise visit at the
Stewart home. Stewart was advised prior to Brundieck's parole that law
enforcement had the right to search his home without a warrant as a
condition of allowing a parolee to stay there.

The parole officer didn't say why he was there, but only searched Stewart's
refrigerator, apparently believing it contained alcohol, which it did not as
Stewart does not allow alcohol in his home nor does he drink.

Shortly thereafter, Brundieck notified Stewart that the parole office was
forcing him to move. Brundieck moved to a basement apartment of a home about
a mile away and Stewart lost his only roommate.

Not long after that, Brundieck's problems with the parole board continued
and he moved into a halfway house to finish his parole.

Stewart and Brundieck kept in touch with no hard feelings. Stewart looked
forward to Brundieck's release from parole, but by then Brundieck had been
keeping more and more to himself.

In October of 2009, Brundieck completed his parole. Stewart lost touch with
him altogether other than being contacted by Brundieck whenever the man
chose and not knowing where his friend had moved.

In November of 2009, Brundieck visited Stewart on several occasions.
Brundieck was convinced he was being stalked by parties unknown but not law
enforcement. Stewart himself had been victimized by stalkers years earlier
and knew that just mentioning this to authorities or anyone else meant being
accused of being mentally ill or on drugs. It's a tough spot to be in.

But Brundieck's claims of being followed WERE bizarre. He would point out
vehicles abandoned during a winter snow storm and say they were put there
strategicaly to spy on himself and Stewart. Brundieck wouldn't listen to
reason and grew angry when logic was applied to some of his claims.

But these terrorists stalking the most vulnerable members of the Omaha,
Nebraska, community are real. Stewart lived through it himself as did
another man who was driven to a suicide attempt back in 1999. Stewart is an
educated man and knew that being stalked regularly puts one in a position of
suspecting everyone of being part of a conspiracy to do so. Stewart listened
to what Brundieck had to say and it never got in the way of the two men's


On the day Stewart recovered from his bout with depression over his
financial situation, there was a knock on the door of his home.

Stephen Brundieck was at the front door and Stewart invited him inside.

Once inside, Stewart didn't have time to scold Brundieck for having a bottle
of Bacardi in his hand. Once inside and in Stewart's kitchen, Brundieck
pulled a 9mm handgun from his pocket. With no anomosity between the two men
to Stewart's knowledge, Stewart treated it like a drunken fool's idea of
show and tell.

But Stephen Brundieck wasn't there to show Stewart his new toy.

The econvict intentionally walked to the Stewart home to prevent his vehicle
from being seen near the home. Once he pulled the handgun out of his pocket,
Brundieck worked himself up to a frenzy and pointed the handgun at Stewart's
head from about five feet away.

Stewart demanded Brundieck stop pointing a gun at him, having no idea
Brundieck had come there to kill him or why.

Brundieck began a combination of threats and rambling confessions.
Apparently he believed he did something to warrant his possibly being sent
back to prison and told Stewart he wasn't going alone. Stewart had nothing
to fear from the law and tried to convince the apparently intoxicated
Brundieck that he was not his enemy and tried to talk to the man. But to no
avail. Brundieck was a man on a mission.

Apparently Stephen Brundieck didn't believe Stewart took his threats to
shoot the man seriously enough and fired a round into the man's television
he kept in his kitchen. It was then that Stewart took Brundieck serious. He
feared for his life, was powerless to defend himself against the gunman, and
tried to flee his own home. But Brundieck would not allow him to leave and
held him hostage, ordering him here and there to show the man who the boss

After kicking Stewart's kitchen chair across the room, while never not
putting the gun down, Brundieck told Stewart it was time for him to die.
Brundieck took up a firing stance which looked like something out of a LA
gangsta movie and put the gun to Stewart's head.

Stewart begged Brundieck not to shoot him and prepared for a 9mm bullet to
hit his hard head, hoping it would bounce off.

Brundieck then changed his mind and demanded the keys to Stewart's pickup
truck. Stewart refused to give him the keys and Brundieck then ordered him
to drive him to another man's home. He decided to kill his fellow exconvict
Randall Henggeler and Stewart at the same time, then take his own life to
prevent himself from going back to prison.

Brundieck was relentless in keeping Stewart under the gun and the man agreed
to take Brundieck, hoping that sometime during the trip an opportunity to
escape would present itself.


Randall Henggeler was a man Stewart knew, but whom he no longer associated
with. Henggeler was a transient, living here and there and Stewart had no
idea where his latest flop house was located.

In Stewart's pickup, Brundieck kept Stewart at gunpoint. When they passed a
uniformed police officer on the way to Henggeler flop house on 39th and S
Streets in Omaha, Stewart feared as much that police might attack both men
in his vehicle should they be aware of the hostage situation. Police
apparently contacted Brundieck at a tavern earlier in the day to offer
Brundieck depression counselling as if they had been involved in the
constant surveillance of Brundieck which was driving the man insane.

At the Henggeler residence, Brundieck forced Stewart inside and discovered
Henggeler was being visited by his girl friend and four year old daughter.

Brundieck kept the handgun in his pocket, and Stewart notified Henggeler
that Brundieck had him there at gunpoint.

Henggeler didn't take it too seriously and convinced Brundieck he and his
family were leaving and all walked out the backdoor. Brundieck had kept the
handgun in his pocket and still was swigging on the bottle of Bacardi in his

Once outside, Stewart found the opportunity he was looking for. Brundieck
was preoccupied with Henggeler and his family and Stewart managed to escape
through the snow to his pickup truck and take off without being shot or even

But once free and clear, Stewart realized that he had changed places with a
four year old child and her mother as well as Henggeler.

So Stewart turned around and headed back into harm's way.

He discovered Brundieck standing on the sidewalk, handgun now out of his
pocket and pointed at Henggeler who was standing in the street next to his
girl friend's idling vehicle.

The mother and child were inside the vehicle waiting for Henggeler, but
Henggeler was about to be executed before he could enter the vehicle.

A witness in another pickup truck was laying off the scene at a safe
distance watching the scene.

Stewart was at the stop sign directly facing the scene about twenty yards
ahead of him.

Stewart chose to accelerate his vehicle and place it between Henggeler and
the gunman, Brundieck.

Stewart knew he was sacrificing himself for a guy who is selfish and stupid
beyond belief, but also for a woman and her daughter who didn't need to see
anyone shot to death in front of them, particularly the child's father.

Henggeler seized the opportunity, dove into the waiting car, and they sped

For a brief second, Stewart had the opportunity to try another getaway. He
could have left his insane friend behind, drunk and holding a gun in a
residential neighborhood, risking being shot at as he fled.

Stewart chose to not to flee.

Brundieck entered his vehicle and held Stewart at gunpoint once again.

Stewart told him he would take him home believing the man to be experiencing
some sort of drunken psychosis.

Brundieck kept Stewart at gunpoint, but by now the insanity of Brundieck's
own actions began setting in.

There was a brief struggle for the handgun on the ride to Brundieck's home.
Stewart needs two hands to drive his manual transmission pickup truck and
all he could do was put a death grip on the 9mm handgun when Brundieck let
his guard down. It was during that struggle as Brundieck tried to remove
Stewart's death grip on the handgun that Stewart realized that Brundieck no
longer had any intention of shooting him since the gun was pointed at
Stewart's dash and legs in the struggle and Brundieck complained if Stewart
did not let go the gun might go off on accident.

Stewart dropped Brundieck off at his home and got away from the drunken fool
as quickly as he could.

Stewart spent that night in disbelief of what had happened earlier in the
evening and hoping that someone witnessing Stewart's saving the life of the
Henggeler family wouldn't be reported to police as Stewart being an
accomplice to the crime.

Stewart had no intention of notifying police and sending Brundieck back to
prison. Henggeler was and still is a fugitive from justice with an extensive
prison record and current warrants for child abuse and domestic assault. He
knew the Henggeler family would not call police.

Police never arrived or contacted anyone regarding the incident.


On Christmas Day, Brundieck telephoned Stewart telling him he would replace
the television set he shot a few days earlier. Stewart was angry and told
Brundieck he didn't want a television set from him or anything else. Never
offering an apology to Stewart, but apparently trying to work into one,
Stewart told Brundieck there was nothing he could say or do to make up for
what Brundieck did a few days earlier and Brundieck should never again have
contact with him.

Stewart is a man who values friendship, loyatly, and helping people. With no
hard feelings between Brundieck and Stewart prior to Brundieck gaining
access to Stewart's home and the mock execution and hostge incident, Stewart
was angry at Brundieck. He knew he could never trust the guy again and
without trust, there is nothing.

But Stewart also feared that Brundieck might hurt himself or others and
Stewart would be told HE was partially responsible by not reporting the
crime to police. Never being able to trust the police, and knowing they
would put the three time loser, Brundieck, back in prison for life if his
crimes were reported, Stewart instead sent a letter to Brundieck's sister,
Mary, describing what occurred that horrible day before Christmas. Thus the
Brundieck family would have knowledge of the increased status as a criminal
of their family member and could get help for him and/or protect themselves
from him.

Stewart also still feared he may have committed a crime in not reporting the
crimes committed by Brundieck. He sent a questioin into a Q & A website
online operated by attorneys in the United States asking them if he had any
liability in not reporting the crimes of Brundieck committed that Monday
night before Christmas.


In January of 2010, as Stewart tried to put Stephen Brundieck behind him,
worrying only that he may accept an apology some time down the road from
Brundieck and put himself in harm's way again, a news story ran on Omaha

A shooting at an Omaha tavern had occurred the night before. The bouncer
apparently had been shot be a patron upset at being forced out of the tavern
for breaking the no smoking ban. The gunman was found dead in the parking
lot shortly afterward.

According to news accounts, Stephen Brundieck had begun living at a motel
next to the Shark Club in Omaha, Nebraska. It was Brundieck who was found
dead and shot the bar's bouncer in the head after being forced to quit
smoking in the bar.

A day later, Mary Krause, Stephen Brundieck's sister who received the letter
from Stewart a couple weeks earlier but never responded, telephone Stewart
to notify him her brother was dead and responsible for shooting another man
in the face.

Omaha Police detectives paid a visit to Stewart shortly afterward to discuss
the contents of the letter Stewart sent Mary Krause.

Stewart told police he was proud of the way he handled his being taken
hostage. While other people would have cried victim and telephone police in
hatred, Stewart did not. He also was proud that he did not leave Brundieck
standing in the street with his handgun and bottle of Bacardi after saving
the life of the Henggeler family.

He told the detectives he knew police arriving on the scene if called would
shoot Brundieck dead for holding the handgun and that was what Brundieck
wanted while under the influence of alcohol. Both detectives agree that
Brundieck dying that night from a police bullet was a very real possibly
from the scene described to them by Stewart.

Stewart then offered the police the opportunity to view the television
Brundieck shot if they had doubts about Stewart's story. They declined but
did accept the shell casing Stewart saved ejected from the 9mm semi auto
handgun Brundieck used in Stewart's kitchen.

Police seemed more than satisfied with Stewart's explanation of the events
in the letter given to them by Mary Krause. Stewart also told them they
wouldn't be hearing from Henggeler. They were extremely interested in why
that was when it was mentioned and Stewart simply told them he's served
prison time in both federal and state prison and currently had arrest
warrants issued for him. That's not the type of man who contacts police.

Police never did mention details in the letter regarding the accusatioins of
rape against former Bush Administration flunky and Omaha resident Hal Daub
or their officers. The subject was never mentioned by police or Stewart in
the interview.


Not long after saving the life of forty-eight year old Randall Henggeler,
who was once a friend of Stewart's for a short time, Stewart received a text
message from Heggeler thanking Stewart for what he did for him and his

Stewart does not associate with Henggeler for one simple reason. Henggeler
enjoys sending incriminating text messages and making incriminating
telephone calls on his cell phone. Henggeler could care less what anyone
thinks about him. His criminal record includes three prison sentences for
drugs in Nebraska and a federal prison stay.

Stephen Brundieck had introduced Stewart to Henggeler a few years ago. While
Brundieck stayed with Stewart as his roommate, Henggeler was living like a
transient. He had been sleeping in a storage garage he rented only blocks
from Stewart's home. When winter arrived last year, temperatures dropped to
ten below Omaha. The storage garage where Henggeler slept had not
electricity and thus no heat.

While it was bitterly cold, and while only a few blocks from where Henggeler
was sleeping, Stewart offered Henggeler the opportunity to sleep on his
couch until the weather warmed up. Henggeler accepted and it was then
Stewart and Henggeler became friends briefly.

But Henggeler's reckless use of his cellular telephone, sending drug related
text messages and conversations related to crime and drugs was too much for
Stewart who does not have a drug history and doesn't want one.

Five minutes after sending Stewart a tex message thanking him for saving his
life, Henggeler sent Stewart a second stating Brundieck must have some
pretty good dope.

Stewart was so enraged he told the know nothing know it all Henggeler he
would be lucky if he and his loud mouthed girl friend didn't end up under
indictment as a side effect of the Stephen Brundieck story.

Too stupid to figure that out, and too arrogant to ever let anyone tell him
he is wrong, Henggeler began brainwashing his girlfriend that Stewart and
Brundieck were probably in on Brundieck's crimes together.

Stewart was friends with Henggeler's girlfriend, who is the victim of the
crimes Henggeler is wanted for, and she never did contact Stewart to thank
him for saving her and her daughter's life.

That's why you don't befriend forty-eight year old juvenile delinquents.


Following the police interview of Stewart as part of the investigation into
the shooting at the Shark Club in Omaha, Nebraska, and the death of Stephen
Brundieck, local Omaha news media obtained a copy of the police report
submitted by detectives and details of the letter sent Mary Krause by Trent

Press began trying to contact Stewart and finally managed to over the phone.
Stewart had contacted Doug Krause, Mary's sister and asked how they wanted
to handle the press. Stephen Brundieck had not yet been buried and the
family was still grieving.

At the request of the Brundieck family, Stewart declined to be interviewed.
He didn't want to be interviewed, anyway, and didn't watch the news story
allegedly showing his mug shot and giving details of the letter.

Stewart asked the story not be aired, but understood it was going to be
aired. He then asked if he could add only that the incident at the Shark
Club illustrated the dangers of alcohol use.

Several days after the story allegedly aired, Stewart received a knock on
his door. At the door were two men he knew. One was Gary Jacobsen, Stephen
Brundieck's former employer as the owner of Movers Not Shakers moving
company in Omaha and an employee of his whom Stewart met through Brundieck.

The two men asked if they could speak to Stewart about Brundieck. Stewart
had retired for the night early and just awoke when the men visited. Stewart
knew Jacobsen much earlier from working with him briefly twenty years
earlier at a grocery store and also from his being the brother of Marie
LoSole who restaurant LoSoleMio in Omaha is in Stewart's old neighborhood.
The building the restaurant is located in was owned by Stewart's father and
sold to the LoSole Family.

Stewart figured the two men were showing respect to Brundieck and trying to
get closure.

Stewart was wrong.

Once the two men were inside the Stewart home, sitting at the same table
where Stewart had been held and mock executed by Brundieck less than a month
before, their mood changed.

These two men, as did Stephen Brundieck, move pianos and gun safes for a

The employee I know only as Greg, began to lay a guilt trip on Stewart like
he had done something wrong. Stewart couldn't believe it. This POS began to
state that he knew Stewart and Brundieck had done drugs in his home. He
began to threaten Stewart with arrest for giving Brundieck drugs. He ranted
and raved like he had authority of the law behind him. The threats from this
guy's mouth never ended, period.

Jacobsen sat quietly through his employee's threats and interrogation, never
taking his hands out of his pockets.

Stewart was so surprised with the accusations being made against him, he
stopped them at one point to ask if either of these two men were aware of
what transpired at the Stewart home when Stephen Brundieck took him hostage.

He explained in detail the events and then demanded how the Hell these two
men could come into Stewart's home and start accusing him of crime and being
insensitive to the family of Stephen Brundieck. Stewart asked the men if it
was the news story aired on WOWT just a couple of day earlier that brought
them there because Stewart chose not to view the story and did not know what
was said.

As for the allegations of drug use, Stewart asked his accuser what the Hell
he was referring to.

The man stated he had a note he had been saving for about two months, left
by Stewart on the windshield of Stephen Brundiecks's pickup truck stating
that Stewart had located some pain medication Brundieck was seeking earlier
for injuring his back while working for Jacobsen moving furniture.

This Greg admitted by his actions that he had been stalking Brundieck for
reasons which were never mentioned.

Brundieck had asked Stewart about two months before his death if he had any
pain pills because Brundieck hurt his back or knee or both while at work.

Stewart had no meds but told Brundieck he would see if he could locate some
for him. Being a recovering meth addict, Brundieck is not allowed pain
medicine prescribed by doctors other than crap that is non narcotic and does
not work. Stewart had the same problem obtaiing Xanax from a doctor after
being sober for five years and understood Brundieck's problem perfectly.

Stewart managed to locate an anti inflamatory pain medication called
Indomethacin and offered Brundieck the medicatoin in the note which
Brundieck never received because his stalker, Greg, had stolen it.

Stewart explained this to the man accusing him of providing drugs to
Brundieck fearing he was being accused of being a drug dealer by two
Sicilian thugs.

In a rage, and tired of being cross examined in his own kitchen by men who
were not police and one of whom was a known gun toter and never removed his
hands from his pockets during the entire interrogation, Stewart asked both
men to leave.

Both men refused to leave Stewart's home.

He asked both men to leave once again.

Once again both men just sat there like they had permission to be there.

They were asked a third time to leave and Stewart began pushing the one
making all the accustions toward his front door. Gary Jackobsen then harped
in that the two detectives in Stewart's home were arson investigators and
asked if the shell casing was a 9mm, angling that it was his gun Brundieck
had when he took Stewart hostage.

Stewart had to physically force the obnoxious employee of Jacobsen to his
front door and the man began to resist being forced to leave. He tore
Stewart's shirt off his body completely as he flailed with his fists at
Stewart who was pushing him to the door of his home.

Gary Jacobsen just pretended not be a part of any of it as Stewart kept one
eye on his back on Jacobsen. The two men arrived together and the two men
left together, with Stewart finally getting the man assaulting him outside
his home and telling him to never step foot on his property or let him see
him again.

Jacobsen then tried a "good cop" routine asking Stewart if he could continue
talking to him. Stewart told him some other time, amazed that Jacobsen had
come to his home with hostile intentions as if he were a cop and Stewart was
a suspect then changed his demeanor when his partner assaulted Stewart as
Stewart forced him out of his home.

Mr. Stewart was a hero in saving the life Randall Henggeler, his girlfriend
Kelly Vondra, and their daughter Allison Vondra. He was the victim of a
horrible, terrirying, traumatic crime that same night by the same gunman and
despite that, he saved the life of the gunman himself who was involved in
another violent gun crime three weeks later ending in one man being shot and
the gunman taking his own life rather than accepting responsibility for his

Stewart was never Stephen Brundieck's drug dealer, drug partner, or other.
He was Stephen Brundieck's friend and biggest supporter on his road to
recovering from chemical addiction.

Stewart telephoned his father minutes after being accosted in his home by
Gary Jacobsen and his employee and threatened with arrest and accused of
being a drug dealer. He told his father what happened and how difficult it
is to believe the insensitivity and arrogance of people like the Jacobsen
Gang. He also stated that despite his being assaulted again in his own home,
he refused to report the assault to police and be like the very thugs he
just was visited by.

Stewart told his father that if he were a vindictive man, like so many
others in his world, he had the right to telephone police and tell them how
two of the Brundieck Gang had just assaulted him in his own home following
his police interview broadcast on the news.

But that isn't how Omaha, Nebraska's finest son, Mr. Trent James Stewart

Read more about Trent James Stewart on USENET @,,, talk.rape,,,
comp.society.women, and a thousand others.

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Twelve Year Old Officer's Son


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Stewart Was A HERO

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