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magnolia 27-12-2004 05:41 AM

Roast Shoulder or Chuck Roast Beef
Roast (shoulder or chuck) Beef

Garlic powder
onion powder
black pepper
(any other seasonings of your choice)
garlic cloves
cooking oil (any kind)
Lipton onion soup mix

Depending on the size of the roast (and the amount of garlic taste you
like) cut 2 to 3 small slits on side of the roast (more if you have a
large roast or like a lot of garlic) Make the slits large enough to place
one clove of garlic in each slit. Season roast with salt, garlic, onion
powder and black pepper to taste. Pour just enough oil to cover a heavy
duty pan. Sear roast on both sides. Place roast in roasting pan garlic
side up and put just enough water to cover bottom pan and lower 1/4 of
roast. Empty one packet of Lipton onion soup into pan. Cover and cook at
350 degrees for 2 hours. Remove pan from oven and add potatoes and carrots
if desired and cook another hour. The juice remaining from the roast
makes an excellent stock for gravy. Also this works great with a crock
pot. Instead of placing in a roasting pan place in a cock pot and cook all
day with potatoes and carrots.

Heat oven to 350.

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