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[email protected] 03-12-2008 09:39 AM

Don't talk until you've tasted
It seems obvious to me that nobody else but the author has ever been
to Rito's. When did they open, '82 or '83. That's an amazing amount of
time in the restaurant business. I don't care if it's authentic from
Mexico, it's authentic Phoenix flavor. I can still taste those beans
even though I haven't lived in Phoenix for ten years. They are

Every time somebody has tried to claim that there was a better tasting
burrito, I've challenged them to eat at Rito's and they've always
admitted, "Your right. It is better." Now I live in L.A. and I haven't
tasted anything as good anywhere in Southern California (except what I
make in my own kitchen.) Yes, I learned to make green chile from my
Tia Maria Elena, but I tweaked the recipe after tasting Rito's.

Going to Rito's is worth a trip to Phoenix.

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