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Gunner[_6_] 04-07-2007 07:51 PM

survival on $3 a day for food?

"Wayne Lundberg" wrote in message

Don't forget that empirical research led to the discovery of the power of
gravity by Newton and the apple.

Wayne, ya can't forget something that never happened, the apple on the head
is at best a myth and certainly to infer any of Newton's laws are emperical
is pure BS. Ya see he did the math,volumes and volumes of it. If you do not
believe me, try doing some real research instead of preputating myths. you
can't keep cherrypicking your "facts" such as you have continiously done

Science is not all it's cracked up to be when you have evidence of God

With every thread you have changed tact and thrown out more unfounded
assumptions. Your subtle but continious assumptions to divide the "Real
Mexican Mexican" vs the Norteno is recognized as regional pride for your
adopted people, good for you! Just know when you attempt to prove this
false superiority pride thing with your make believe "Facts" you will get
challenged. Back to the OP I still encourage to gather some facts on the
health issues in
Mexico, especially in the poorer rural areas as an indicator of your
prescribed diet's sustainability.

It does not suprize me you finally tried to use the Moral Majority maneuver
to cast dispersion on science when facts do not support you.
Cheers back at ya

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