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Starbucks recalls holiday turkey sandwiches linked to Costco E. colioutbreak
If you're a fan of the Starbucks holiday turkey panini those
sandwiches that come on warm ciabatta bread with cranberry
cornbread stuffing and turkey gravy you're out of luck. The
Seattle-based coffee giant has recalled the sandwiches from more
than 1,000 stores after discovering they were made with an
ingredient linked to the recent Costco E. coli outbreak.

Celery in the Costco outbreak, from Taylor Farms Pacific Inc. of
Tracy, Calif., was also used in Starbucks holiday sandwiches
found in California, Oregon and Nevada. The sandwiches were
listed among multiple products affected by the outbreak on the
Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention website, including
rotisserie chicken salad from Costco.

There have been no reports of illness from the Starbucks
sandwiches, but the CDC has linked the Taylor Farms celery to 19
illnesses in seven states.

According to the CDC, most healthy adults recover from E. coli
exposure, but the bacteria can cause serious health problems
among the elderly and young children.

The Starbucks recall comes shortly after Chipotle Mexican Grill
was forced to temporarily close more than 40 locations in Oregon
and Washington after at least 35 cases of illness from E. coli
were linked to its restaurants.

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