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Dr. Chung FAQ, Issue 3.70
On Sat, 10 Apr 2004 14:44:42 -0400, "Bob (this one)"

Just back from another super-secret trip to interrogate Iraqi
prisoners on their dietary habits?

TROLLING along as pathetically as always, I see. Any reason you always
cut the Xposts to your food buddies across Usenet? Speak to me about
trying to hide, huh?

Super-secret? If you know about them, how secret are they? Not at all.
Good answer, Bobbie.

Imbeciles like you who have utterly no clue about the happenings in
Iraq except what you allow to sink in via CNN into your sponge for a
brain, used to **** me off. No more. The world is full of Pastorios,
lemmings told what to think, what to do, how to react.

You are so mind influenced about this war and you have no idea it is
even happening to you. The Illuminati laugh at you, tweak your head in
more ways than you can imagine, then spit you out like a wad of spent

They especially love self-espoused intellectuals; you are the
distributors of their fodder, their means to move disinformation along
with credibility.

Anything else you wish to blather on about? Take some time off from
making a fool of yourself why don't you? Have at ole Mu here. Give
cardiac care patients a break.

Do you feel the urge to sprint down to ICU and pull out a few
catheters today? Shut off someone's "drip". I wouldn't be surprised
one bit if you did.

Fits your modus operandi as a CARDOILOGY NEWSGROUP TROLL.
Lift well, Eat less, Walk fast, Live long.

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