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Kate Dicey 16-08-2004 02:37 PM

Peninsular War Rations
Just a bit of curiosity... I've been asked to make a couple of jackets
for members of a re-enactment society depicting the 71st Glasgow
Highland Light Infantry, Circa 1808, and knowing that Old Hooky was well
aware that an army marches on its stomach, I was wondering what their
daily rations were supposed to be, and how often they got them... and
how much foraging they needed to do just to survive! I know there are a
few officer's diaries extant (Harry Smith and Kincaid spring to mind,
and there are others), but what of the other ranks?

Kate XXXXXX (dreaming of bread and circuses... and a curious lack of
white bridal satin!)
Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons
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