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Gary 23-07-2005 01:09 AM

Sangria Questions
After finding what looked like a great Sangria recipe, I took the low road
and bought a 32oz bottle of SANGRIA ROJA MIX at William Sanoma which is a
recipe from Rick Bayless:

The bottle says "Just add Wine".

Ok, I bought a bottle of Carlos Rossi Burgundy which is supposed to be an
acceptable inexpensive, dry table wine for Sangria.

Some questions:

(1) Even though the directions on Bayless' mix says to add one bottle of
chilled, red, fruity wine to two cups (16 oz.) of the Sangria mix, it
doesn't say what amount of wine in ounces. I bought the biggest bottle of
Carlos Rossi Burgundy and it comes in different sizes.

How much red wine do I add to the Sangria mix?

(2) This Sangria mix from Bayless has no alcohol in it. I wonder if I should
add some Contreau to the mixture? I am asking because that is what I have
seen in other recipes. More alcohol than just wine.

(3) How about adding some cut fruit into the pitcher or is that overkill?



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