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The process is called infusion. I've done this with vodka and tequila. Rum
would work well too. There are a few tricks:

1) Choose your fruit carefully. The liquor acts like a solvent, and will
gradually break down and soften the fruit after a while. For instance,
pineapple works GREAT, because it is sweet, has lots of juice and lots of
fiber, so it retains its shape and color. Berries have a great taste, but
they're tender and they'll break down and get mushy. Bananas are a disaster
for the same reason. Citrus fruits do a nice job, but they'll get brown
after a couple of weeks, so make sure you drink the liquor before then.

2) Use large, very clean glass jar. Anything else (tupperware, metal) will
give the liquor a flavor.

3) Cut the fruit into large chunks (if you choose citrus, leave the rind

4) Dump the fruit into a jar, cover with your liquor. Add a little sugar if
you like (clear liquors, use white sugar, brown liquors like tequila, use
brown sugar).

5) Let the mixture sit on your kitchen counter at room temperature for 3 or
4 days. Stir gently once a day. After 5 days, drink and enjoy. If you
don't plan to drink all of the liquor for awhile, store it in your fridge
after that. The reason is it will slow down the "browning" of the fruit.

wrote in message

Any suggestions as to how to do this? I'd presume that, once you
submerge fruit in alcohol, you kill off the bacteria, but I'm not sure.
How long does one want to submerge the fruit? Is there one best time
or does it depend on the type of fruit? Do most people add sugar? Is
there some sort of standard ratio or is it all to taste? Do some
fruits just not work? Is there an online or text reference for all
this? What about the jar that you put it in? Can it be anything or
should it be glass like vodka normally comes in? Thanks. I'm wanting
to get this ready for a wedding.

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