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Old 06-12-2004, 06:50 PM
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Default hangover cures

All true - but you should also try Rebound Hangover Pills (they work

Free shipping - great stocking stuffer

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Old 30-12-2004, 07:53 PM
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The end of vodka?

It may not be the end of vodka but it surly gives the vodka makers a run for
their money. S Guaro is new to the US market even though it has been
produced in Costa Rica for over 150 years. The stuff is distilled from
sugar cane instead of potatoes or grain and they use a similar process the
vodka makers's just not vodka. The best ting about S Guaro is that
it is pure. No additives or impurities like other spirits. Someone was
bragging to me how Guaro won't give you a hangover and after extensive
testing by yours truly I have found this to be amazingly true. I have been
a long time Skyy drinker because of its purity pitch. I just hated the
harsh taste and burn of Skyy. Guaro is so smooth you can barley tell it is
in a mixed drink. I love it as a martini, just Guaro and a splash of & up.

This is the end of vodka for me.I have a new favorite and its called S!

Their web site:

My stupid little web space:

Cheers all!

~Jay In'Keola

wrote in message
All true - but you should also try Rebound Hangover Pills (they work

Free shipping - great stocking stuffer

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Old 31-12-2004, 12:52 PM
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Serendipity perhaps, there is a similar thread about this on in relation to an article on MSNBC:

Personally, I can't remember the last time I drank enough to even come
close to getting a hangover. Maybe 5 years ago or something. BUT, I
swear by the following cu

1) Drinking a glass or two of pure water before going to bed (though
drinking a glass of water here and there during the "binge" is also

2) When you wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak, have
another glass of water and perhaps your preferred headache pill

3) More water in the morning (as much as you can drink) before a hot,
steamy shower

4) Have a big, greasy breakfast with a copious amount of caffeinated
beverage (I usually went to my local "greasy spoon" diner for a
bacon-cheese&tomato omelette with hash browns and toast)

5) Get on with your day

Works every time, though I must agree with Graydon McKee regarding the
spent yeast in bottle-conditioned beers. As a Belgian beer lover and
also a homebrewer, I tend to drink beer with yeast in the bottle and I
always swirl up the sediment and pour it into the last gulp of beer
left in the glass. In his famous homebrewing book, The Complete Joy of
Homebrewing, Charlie Papazian also mentions the benefits of the yeast
(which contains the full B-complex of vitamins, among others) against

Rich P.

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