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Default How can we choose the right method of drinking wine?

four best method of drinking wine
The best time for drinking wine
In the morning and afternoon we had better not drink wine. Because the content of alcohol dehydrogenase is the lowest. When we drink the same amount of alcohol we will absorb more. So the liver and brain will be harmed more.
It is safe for people to drink wine after 14 oíclock. Itís best to drink during 15~17. this is the most sensitive time for people. And people eat lunch and the content of blood sugar will increase. The tolerance of alcohol will become stronger. The harm to people from wine will be less. Whatís more, when we are hungry and have a cold, we will not drink wine. The distilled spirit harms us a lot.

The best category of wine:
There are many categories of wine, such as distilled spirit,beer,yellow wine, Tokay. From the point of health, red Tokay is the best for us. According to the research,red tokay contains Quercetin skin ketone. This will prevent the heart lack of blood. If we often drink red tokay we will decrease the rate of heart disease. The red tokay is better than white tokay.

The best amount of drinking wine
The liver can analyse alcohol for about 1 gram every kg of the weight. The weight of 60 kgs should control his weight under 60 grams every day.if the other kinds of wine should be controlled as follows. The distilled spirit should be 50 grams and the beer should be one kg, whisky should be 250 ml. Although red wine is good for health but we canít drink too much. 2~3 cups should be the best.

The best antipasto plates
The harm from wine depends on the content of the wine. Because we drink wine hungrily the content of alcohol will rise as soon as possible. If we can choose the best antipasto plates we can not only meet the requirements of our stomach but also decrease the harm from alcohol. The analysis can increase the amount the protain and vitamin. Liver needs more enzyme and vitamin to help analyse. The higher of thewine degree is the enzyme it will need. We should eat some fresh vegetables,fish,meat,beans,eggs and so on. Watch out we should not take sausage and meat as our antipasto plates.The coloring matter and nitrosamine react with wine. It not only harms the liver but also harms the mouth and espohageal epithelium. Whatís more it can attract cancer.
I must warn you that. Small amount of wine will make us happy and large amount of wine will make us hurt. When we drink wine happily we should master the amount of wine.

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