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14-05-2004 05:51 AM

Myanmar Rum
Myanmar Rum, the most demanding alcoholic beverage by consumers, is produced
from sugar-cane molasses or brown slab-sugar or jaggery as raw material. It
has been aged for years in barrels made of Yamanei (Gmelina arborea), the
best type of local wood available for storage of aging spirits to obtain
smooth taste and fine flavors.

Peace Myanmar Group Co., Ltd., better known as PMG Co., Ltd. was founded in
1993. Within a few years it has achieved the status of the most progressing
and leading manufacturer of bottled alcoholic beverages and bottled drinking
water. Ever since from the establishment, PMG has keen consideration on
matters of health for public consumption. Recommendation certificates of
health and safety measures from the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry
of Health are the valid documents for quality standard approval.

In fact, it maintains a prestige of reliability and trustworthiness in
consistent quality products. There is no doubt that PMG has paved the way
for achieving " One of the Market Leaders " in Myanmar.

No.1, Corner of Zawtika 2nd Lane & Bayint Naung Rd., Ward 4, Kamayut 11041,
Yangon, Union of Myanmar.
Tel : 951-526196 , 514497 , 524437 , 247266
CDMA : 951-700577 , 724046 , 724048
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