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Old 14-03-2004, 01:35 PM
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Default Wine refigerator

"Den" wrote in message
Hi Group

Southern Calif here!

We're thinking of buy a wine refrigerator to hold about 70 bottles of wine
in our house.

We'll be using it for wine that will be drunk over the course of (say) a
year. I.e. this wine refrigerator won't be used for long term storage of
good wine, rather as a store for the everyday stuff, and a storage

for the good stuff that comes out of long term storage climate controlled

All of the wine 'fridges that we've seen seem to be exceptionally highly
priced (understandable given the market!), and have so many whizz-bang
features that we just don't need, and so (particularly as we're not too
worried about the aesthetics of the 'fridge.) I was wondering about the
practicality of using an ordinary domestic refrigerator set on its warmest

Has anyone any experience of this / thoughts on the matter?

Are we likely to have issues with humidity?

I've been using the old refrigerator here in southeastern Virginia since
last summer for wine storage. It is stored in the garage, and I have the
freezer section cut off and the fridge set on the just barely on setting. I
just opened it to check temperature (it has been closed since dinner last
night), and it reads 43 deg F. Admittedly, this is cooler than reds,
particularly, need to be for drinking - we just remove a bottle a half-hour
before serving, seems to warm up just right. For whites, we remove the
bottle open, and pour about 5-10 minutes before serving.
Capacity is no where near 70 bottles, at least on this fridge. I've got one
case in it, a wood rack that stores another case or so, and bottles laying
sideways in the remainder and some in the racks in the door. This fridge is
the type that had freezer above the refrig compartment, I have not stored
anything in the freezer compartment (have to move the thermometer and check
the temp, it may be OK).
I will agree with other posters that this is by no means an ideal situation.
However, in the summer months, my garage is usually 90 deg F in the day and
high 80's or low 90's at night; midwinter the garage is in low 30 F range -
I certainly think that it is better than storage in that range. Kitchen
storage space is limited, and there is no basement (the water table here has
been less than a foot below ground surface with the rains the past year). At
the present, I am starting a new business venture, and cash flow will
absolutely not permit purchase of a special wine storage area. Also, our
wines at present are not highly expensive, ranging from US $5 to $40; and
most of these bottles will be kept for a range of a week to 5 years (mostly
less than a year). Your mileage may vary.

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