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How fatting is red wine? and is a glass a night good for you?


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Default Wine

"ruthy" wrote in message
How fatting is red wine? and is a glass a night good for you?


I checked about a dozen bottles from my cellar - none state the calorie
count. However,
a Google search produced an article by a wine reviewer named Lisa Shea: "
For a 3.5oz glass of wine, which is what many consider 'one glass', the
alcohol provides around 80 calories. The calories in a glass of wine come
solely from the alcohol in the wine. There are only trace amounts of protein
in the wine, 0 grams of fat, and 0.0 grams of saturated fats.

There are about 3 grams of "carbohydrate equivalents", 9mg of calcium, .3mg
of iron, and 5g of sodium. For more exact details about the vitamins,
minerals and components of a glass of wine, read USDA Carb and Content
Information on Wine. "

So - like any other food, if your diet preference involves counting
calories, add them. A year and half ago, I quit drinking caffinated
beverages (mostly Dr. Pepper soft drink), switching to apple and grape
juice. A year ago, my doctor recommended a glass of red wine daily. At the
beginning of the period, I weighed 195 lb, now I weigh 165 lb. I also
stopped most "snacking" between meals. I don't really consider that the
glass of wine with my dinner adds much to my calorie consumption (since I
previously drank apple or grape juice with the meal - probably about the
same number of calories).

Health benefits: Claims have been made recently that red wine consumption
will be a deterrent to cancer, not sure about this. It is generally
recognized that the likelihood of heart disease is reduced by moderate
consumption of red wine. Check Google for references to "French paradox" for
more detail.

When I first started the wine drinking, I was not at all pleased with the
taste. Then, my wife and I visited a number of wineries while on vacation.
After sampling a group of wines in their tasting rooms, I found some that I
liked. We go to tastings at local wine stores at least a couple of times a
month now. We drink mostly reds (usually unfiltered, which contain the
highest percentage of the parts that are medically good for you), but also
enjoy Rieslings in the whites. Wine tastings are a very good thing - even
the small sip is sufficient to decide whether to buy and try more, or to
just pass on by. Tastes vary tremendously - what one person really likes,
another person may not care for. We have also found that what is eaten at
the same time has a tremendous effect on the taste of most wines.



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